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FG Bora Floor Sanding Machine


Heavy belt sander for all sanding tasks. Powerful motor, efficient dust suction, nearly vibrationless running...more

Monsun (RV)

Belt sander for all floorings, also floating engineered floorings. Powerful motor, efficient dust suction with integrated vacuum cleaner, nearly vibrationless running...more


Brushing machine for the easy, efficient and soft cleaning of deckings.  Dirt and grey wood layers are throughoughly taken away...more

Taifun 120

The powerful edger with a lot of advantages as electronic speed control for a perfect sanding speed for every sanding task or the dust-proof capsulated maintenance-free belt drive for working...more


Hand-brushing machine for the easy,efficient and soft cleaning of edges and corners of wooden deckings...more


The electric chisel!  Works surfaces that you won't reach with other machines...more


A legend in the floor sanding business - the Lagler HUMMEL...more

Super Hummel

Lagler SUPER-HUMMEL, the high performance machine designed for the efficient finishing of large-scale areas in public buildings...more


A revolution in floor sanding technology - the Lagler TRIO...more


The new Lagler Unico is the ideal sanding machine, providing user friendly designs such as adjustable handles, powerful light and exceptional dust pick-up...more


The Lagler Flip allows for convenient, effortless, perfect sanding of difficult edges and stairs without leaving any imperfections on the surface...more

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